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August 2015

Who is Sapph?

Since this is a blog about activism for causes and becoming advocates for change, it is important to know who I am.

My name is Sapph, and I am one of those people who cringe while perusing Facebook and sees starving animals or local posts about people who were exonerated for child abuse. I am one of those people who schedules an hour every month to draft a letter to her state senator. And I am the sort of person who likes to talk with others about social issues. That is what this blog is for: to write about the things that I stand for, and to talk to all of you about those issues. I sincerely look forward to your feedback, thoughts, comments, and suggestions. So, without further ado, let’s change the world!


The Beginner Activist

With everything going on in the media, we are constantly swamped with all things concerning violations of our basic rights and those things that are important to us. Whether you are an advocate for animals or pissed off about how much your penalized for not having health insurance, we all have to start somewhere: with our voices.

This blog is not a soap box for those of you wishing to impose your views onto those of us to disagree ( although lively comments and conversation is encouraged). This is a forum for us to talk about the issues that make us cringe, the causes that we stand for, and the solutions we can execute.

So please, start basic: comment on something you want to talk about; something you would like more information about.

Thank you for your time, activists. And remember,

“We realize the importance of our voice when we are silenced”- Malala Yousafazi

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