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March 2017



Transgender Girl Assaulted At School*

Despite my lack of involvement on this blog, I have been a busy bee. With writing letters to my state senator Deb Fischer, arranging meet and greets with the local LGBTQ community, I’ve also been in contact with MacLaughlin Middle School due to the terrible incident involving a teen Transgender girl who was assaulted at her school.

The 13 year old victim was sent home from her school in Vancouver, WA with a bloody, possibly broken, nose after an altercation with a male student who was taunting her, saying “she has a d—” and “she has to go to the doctor to tell them that she’s a girl”. The young girl in question, had had problems before, with her teachers and other students, all of which would refuse to call her by her preferred name. According her aunt, she had come home after that day with a bruised cheek and busted nose. 17352040_1697440456949027_8664552609008192749_n

We are calling out the school for their despicable behavior, refusing to handle the situation with punishment for the boy. So, as someone who is concerned for transgender youth and anti-bullying in our schools, I decided to write a letter to the school and the school district administrative office. I have attached the link of the Facebook page I came across, as well as a  link of the reading of the letter I wrote, that I also published on the page Scottsbluff/ Gering LGBTQ Support Page: The Beginner Activist .

This is such an outrage and tragic incident. My own community is not free of the prejudicial bullying that transgender and gay students face every single day. Just several months prior to coming across this story, a young transgender girl of 14, who attended one of the schools in my hometown committed suicide. There is nothing in my community that helps these young people with counseling and safe place for them to be themselves and get support. I have been writing the Nebraska state senators for their assistance and for them to make a statement about providing funds or something for a community center.

If you are interested in helping make this viral, make the school face the music for their terrible behavior, including the young male who assaulted her, please write to the school. Share the FB post and let them realize how they cannot allow this kind of behavior happen in their school. We need to help and protect these children. Even if supporting LGBTQ rights is not in your moral playground, we cannot deny the fact that a student was assaulted. Please help spread the word.

**UPDATE: The administration at the middle school has put the male student on emergency expulsion. An officer has written a report and is turning the case over to the DA.


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