I’m sure a lot of my close friends who are following this blog know ( and you better be following me; I’ve Snapchat-ed you the link enough times!), I am a bisexual woman, who happens to be married to a man. And I say it like that because it really does not matter to me that he is male. I would have fallen in love with him, had sex with him, and married him if he was a man OR woman, simply because I fell for his charm, intelligence, humor, kindness and personality. I hope he is reading this too!

So anyhow, I get a lot of questions from people who find out that I’m bi, and even more when they find that I’m married. It’s almost like they feel it no longer counts or is valid when I get a ring, in my opinion. Well, I figured I would “mythbuster” some things that I’ve come across, either from actual questions I have received, forum comments, and general misconceptions and state some truths when it comes to being bisexual.

So here we go!

  • We are bisexual because are born this way. It is not a drunken choice ( although I’ve made out with some lovely ladies who decided guzzling alcohol was the best way to lay one on me) nor does it go away after we settle down. We do not just decide one day “hey! I’m gonna be a bisexual!” and that’s it. It’s in our makeup, our genes, our squiggly DNA. Baby, we’re born this way!
  • Bisexual does not mean threesome! I have met bisexual people who are into them, and some simply are not. It doesn’t mean we’ll do the dirty as a trio, nor does it mean consent. Again, bisexual does not mean consent!
  • We really have the best of both worlds. I say it like this, because I feel very lucky and open-minded due to my sexuality. I can appreciate the physical beauty of both men and women, and their sex appeal. It’s really a matter of deciding which person you like/ love and going from there.
  • We do not stop feeling the way we feel when we enter a relationship. I married a man, but am still attracted to women. End of story.
  • We are not taken seriously. I mean, the LGBTQ community has been marginalized and suppressed enough as it is, so it’s rather sad that bisexuals looking to be accepted and active in this community are ostracized just as much from fellow LGBTQ-ers as well as heterosexuals. We are told we are confused, that we are slutty, and that we just haven’t come out of the closet is just bullshit. Being attracted to both genders doesn’t mean we sleep with every person that makes us hot, we are out of the closet ( well, some of us are ) and we are not confused. Don’t be jealy just because we could date either or.

So yeah… just wanted to get some of them there things out in the open about bisexuality and stuff. Hope this was insightful and helpful, so they next time you really wanna ask that bi dude who married his girlfriend, just realize he still likes guys too…just likes that girl a hell of a lot more.

See you later, Rainbow Children! XOXO GOSSIP GIRL ( I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. Really, Sapph? lol)