I’ve recently been reading a lot in the media about things pertaining to the LGBTQ community, everything from legislature, to aspiring stories of coming out, and the abhorrent incidences of bullying. And, admittedly, some of this spark of activism and injustices are fueled by binge watching SVU. So, I thought, due to some of the lack of attention some people get, and the outrage people face every day due to their gender identification and sexuality, I’d open the can of worms on LGBTQ assault.

So, now that I’ve made you a little uncomfortable, let me assure you that I am not writing for someone in particular or addressing a public accusation, I’m simply putting this issue on the table for discussion.


I read some trolls in some comments a few weeks ago, concerning an assault on the 13 year old transgender girl in Vancouver ( there is another post of mine on this blog concerning that post), and I was deeply disturbed. Everything from “that freak deserved what he/she got” and “well let this be a lesson to [her?] and the family”, made me livid and heartbroken. Comments like this from the updated FB post:

” D—- B——- Rosie o Donald looking a– d— wants to talk sh– but first let me guess you are a Hilary supporting feminist fat b—-. Long story short this little BOY deserves to be bullied for thinking HES a girl that’s f—— gay and sick in the head to even think like that at such a young age ” . 

This makes me sick. I am so sad for this young woman and her family. All they want is justice for the fact that she was targeted by this young man because she was transgender. This was a hate crime, a malicious act against someone else of a different identity. And this is a perfect example on how these attacks need to be taken more seriously.

Basically, my argument for my soap box is this: It does not matter what your sexuality is, what your gender identification is, or what you wear to express yourself; you do not deserve to be publicly humiliated and attacked. Luckily, based on the update released by the young girl’s aunt, the young man in question was under emergency expelled and the police statement was released to the DA in Vancouver. Attacks like this need to be made public all the time until it becomes a normal practice of the law to remand these perpetrators and be held responsible for their actions.

I would like to hear your input on this matter. But a warning to trolls: Before you reveal your intentions and bombard me with nasty comments, bring it. I can guarantee you that you will tire of this argument before I do.

Thanks, activists. Let’s change history.