Despite the current chaos and extreme ideals debate that has been lingering over the people in the recent years, more and more people are finding ways to cope with the stresses of everyday life, everything from overworking, political/ moral attacks and dealing with daily burdens. Some people have turned towards activism, faith, or in a recent trend emerging from 2015-2016, witchcraft. I read a very interesting article about this re-occurring phenomenon, and I became obsessed.

As a young girl, I was very curious about things that were not talked about in my household. Coming from a conservative, traditional Catholic household, there were a plethora of things that were off-limits, including sex, witchcraft, politics and other religions. I didn’t even realize what Islam was until I was 16 and became curious about it when I heard about it in a Western Civilizations class in High School. But before that, when I was around 11, I started researching and practicing witchcraft in secret.


Now, due to the very new technology of computers, the Internet, etc… of that time I was not well-informed nor well versed in what it meant to be a witch. I really just went off what I saw on TV, what books I could find at my tiny local library, and lovely girl named Salina that I was madly in love with. Needless to say, my puberty years were a very confusing time as I was trying to find myself in a non-secular world that was present in my community, as well as struggling with my sexuality. Witchcraft offered a peaceful way for me to use my thoughts, feelings, and curiosities to sort out problems. I became a woman in those secret sessions of writing spells, lighting candles, and doing yoga ( I didn’t know it was yoga at the time, I just knew stretching was connecting me energetically somehow). I would keep a small matchbox under my mattress that had a quartz, a lighter, one baby blue candle and a picture of a pentagram that I drew with a yellow colored pencil.

Looking back on my experiences and reading this article, these practices and the feelings tied to my witchcraft came flooding back with a powerful vengeance. I am now looking into bringing that back into my life, for a ton of different reasons, which I am going to list for you now, just to give you some perspective on this:

  1. I was raised a Christian, mother being Catholic and father Methodist. I was always in the presence of a family bible, church and family members who were convinced Halloween was a devil holiday and that Harry Potter as inherently evil. I even converted to Catholic when my husband proposed. Over the years I ( my husband as well) have lost my faith in God, and believe that there is nothing that the traditional practices of Christianity could offer me. However, that does not mean that I do not want the comforts of a community, the feeling of control over my life and choices with some guidance, and the belief of something bigger than me. I just don’t believe it’s a deity. Hence, the want of witchcraft and the ability to harness my own energy along with others’ and nature’s to secure the peace of mind that my life is going the way I want and gaining the balance I want.
  2. I practiced years ago, and it really offered me a sense of security, sexual awareness, power, and enlightenment. I realize I’m going off of memories of how I felt when I was 12, but that doesn’t negate the familiar sensation of release and peace of mind that I crave for now that I am older.
  3. It’s frickin cool! I mean, come on! Writing spells, lighting candles, harnessing energy, building an altar? How can this not seem to incredibly interesting and cool? Practitioners of witchcraft and wicca are connecting with nature, using their own unique abilities, wants, and personalities to take control and cultivate a faith or practice that suits their own individual needs, which is exactly what I want.

Well, there you have it! I think I’m gonna go cleanse my tarot cards and shop for an Athame online now. Let me know in the comments if you are interested in learning more about this along with me, or if you are a current Wiccan or witch and would like to share your wisdom! Thanks, guys!