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Shoes Needed for the Spiritual Road

I’m one of those people that like to agree with others when it comes to their personal “things”, such as religion, spirituality, etc… I’ve become very good at faking being a good christian, being blown away by the power of healing crystals, or really wanting to try alternative healing balms made from things that are in the spice rack.

However, given a lot of the turmoil the world is in right now, my own personal battle with depression, and struggling to find something to connect me with other people besides politics, I’ve been drawn to individuals’ paths to spirituality and self discovery.

One of my previous posts highlights my journey into witchcraft, which, by the way, has actually convinced me that it works. After casting a money spell, the same day I found $10 in dryer, a convenience store clerk forgot to ring up my soda, and at work the following day, I found money in a booth at a restaurant. In any case, I’ve found a new sort of comfort in really launching a full-fledged investigation on myself and what my spirit is craving.

The other night I did yoga before bed because I was tense and determined to get up a few hours before work to brew my own coffee to take to work for once. And afterwards, I felt reborn. I was relaxed, high, and buzzing with a warm tingling feeling all over my nerve endings. I’m hoping that’s a sign of enlightenment, not dehydration, so I’m just gonna say that something was awakened in me. I realized how much I missed it, how focused I could be on my breathing, how it felt to fully let my body and mind relax. I don’t know if this really qualifies as spiritual, but I do know that I felt so clear headed and open minded soon after.

So basically, I have decided to educate myself on matters of meditation, yoga, witchcraft, even Buddhism and the morality behind it’s ideals. I’m also going to educate myself more about witchcraft and how to enforce it in my daily routine. I know that the phases of the moon and which planets are in retrograde play a large role in using energy. Now, I haven’t wrapped my head around how healing crystals work, and I’ll never agree with challenging western medicine. But, things like this offer a sort of comfort and control and that I feel like I can work with.

So, wish me luck on my spiritual travels. Blessed be, namaste, and all that jazz!


My Path to Witchcraft

Despite the current chaos and extreme ideals debate that has been lingering over the people in the recent years, more and more people are finding ways to cope with the stresses of everyday life, everything from overworking, political/ moral attacks and dealing with daily burdens. Some people have turned towards activism, faith, or in a recent trend emerging from 2015-2016, witchcraft. I read a very interesting article about this re-occurring phenomenon, and I became obsessed.

As a young girl, I was very curious about things that were not talked about in my household. Coming from a conservative, traditional Catholic household, there were a plethora of things that were off-limits, including sex, witchcraft, politics and other religions. I didn’t even realize what Islam was until I was 16 and became curious about it when I heard about it in a Western Civilizations class in High School. But before that, when I was around 11, I started researching and practicing witchcraft in secret.


Now, due to the very new technology of computers, the Internet, etc… of that time I was not well-informed nor well versed in what it meant to be a witch. I really just went off what I saw on TV, what books I could find at my tiny local library, and lovely girl named Salina that I was madly in love with. Needless to say, my puberty years were a very confusing time as I was trying to find myself in a non-secular world that was present in my community, as well as struggling with my sexuality. Witchcraft offered a peaceful way for me to use my thoughts, feelings, and curiosities to sort out problems. I became a woman in those secret sessions of writing spells, lighting candles, and doing yoga ( I didn’t know it was yoga at the time, I just knew stretching was connecting me energetically somehow). I would keep a small matchbox under my mattress that had a quartz, a lighter, one baby blue candle and a picture of a pentagram that I drew with a yellow colored pencil.

Looking back on my experiences and reading this article, these practices and the feelings tied to my witchcraft came flooding back with a powerful vengeance. I am now looking into bringing that back into my life, for a ton of different reasons, which I am going to list for you now, just to give you some perspective on this:

  1. I was raised a Christian, mother being Catholic and father Methodist. I was always in the presence of a family bible, church and family members who were convinced Halloween was a devil holiday and that Harry Potter as inherently evil. I even converted to Catholic when my husband proposed. Over the years I ( my husband as well) have lost my faith in God, and believe that there is nothing that the traditional practices of Christianity could offer me. However, that does not mean that I do not want the comforts of a community, the feeling of control over my life and choices with some guidance, and the belief of something bigger than me. I just don’t believe it’s a deity. Hence, the want of witchcraft and the ability to harness my own energy along with others’ and nature’s to secure the peace of mind that my life is going the way I want and gaining the balance I want.
  2. I practiced years ago, and it really offered me a sense of security, sexual awareness, power, and enlightenment. I realize I’m going off of memories of how I felt when I was 12, but that doesn’t negate the familiar sensation of release and peace of mind that I crave for now that I am older.
  3. It’s frickin cool! I mean, come on! Writing spells, lighting candles, harnessing energy, building an altar? How can this not seem to incredibly interesting and cool? Practitioners of witchcraft and wicca are connecting with nature, using their own unique abilities, wants, and personalities to take control and cultivate a faith or practice that suits their own individual needs, which is exactly what I want.

Well, there you have it! I think I’m gonna go cleanse my tarot cards and shop for an Athame online now. Let me know in the comments if you are interested in learning more about this along with me, or if you are a current Wiccan or witch and would like to share your wisdom! Thanks, guys!

Domestic Abuse is NOT Tough Love

We’re about to get very close and personal in this post. Mostly, because I will be sharing some tough personal experiences that led to me to write this about domestic violence and abuse. Before we continue, the names of these once private encounters have been changed* to protect their privacy. So, let’s get started.

About a year ago, I went in to my local DOVES office to volunteer my time. It was suggested by my therapist that dedicating my time to something that was important to me would help my depression ( completely different story). So, I went and found out some more information, and memories of a married couple ( Brad* and Miranda*) that I knew came flooding back. I eventually went home and ended up not volunteering that day, but it inspired me to take action. But before I get into that, let me give you some details about what happened all those years ago.

Brad and Miranda were neighbors of mine. I was very close to them, as they had no children of their own. They were married for 20 years. But those many years were completely fabricated with smiles, parties and lots of gloating about their happy marriage. Come to find out, their marriage was far from happy. Turns out, Brad was physically abusive. I remember a time when I was playing in the front yard and wondering into their backyard looking for a Frisbee when I saw the couple working on their car. Brad was yelling at Miranda, and got into her face. She pushed him away and it made him livid. He then punched her in the stomach. While she was gasping for air, I ran away and back home, scared to death to tell anyone in case I was wrong or Brad would be angry.


A few years later, I was helping them with a yard sale in front of their garage. Brad had left early and went out. I ended up staying over late, helping Miranda put away boxes. She was very upset when her mother called, saying that she thought Brad was cheating on her and that she had had it. She then took out a bunch of clothes from his closet and threw them out on the lawn. I was concerned when she told me to go home, but I did…at least I pretended to. I hid by the side of the house and waited. Brad eventually came home, very drunk and started yelling for Miranda to come out of the house. She kept the door cracked but didn’t come out. He got so angry, he pulled her out of the house and pushed her into the garage door. I was shaking when I got out my cell. He smashed her head against the garage door, yelling at her that she was a wh— and a b—- and that he made the rules. She was sobbing and screaming. I called the cops.

I don’t really remember what happened after that, but I was so terrified that I’d get into trouble for spying on the neighbors and that my parents would be mad that I stayed out past curfew, so I kept quiet…until now. Since then, the couple has divorced and Brad remarried. I’m scared for her. But I wrote a letter to Miranda, telling her what I saw and that I was the one who called the police that night. She sobbed and told me how sorry she was that I had to see that. But honestly, despite the gruesome scene that will forever be with me, I am happy that I helped.

You see, it’s memories like this that make me so angry and ready to take action, that I decided to look into social work and possibly Child Protective Services. It’s because incidents like this make me so grateful there were no children in the house, and made me realize how hard women have it if there are children involved. They don’t want to risk the kids’ safety, don’t want to take their kids’ away from a parent, don’t know how they’d support themselves. There are a lot of reasons women are afraid to leave, but that is NOT the issue.

The issue is why these men are abusing their wives and girlfriends. I mean, I don’t care why, because no matter what it’s wrong. But it’s something that needs more funding and support, escorting these women out of abusive homes safely and getting them the help they need. So let’s make that a priority. Let’s not waste time wondering why women stay because it simply does not matter. It’s psychological, emotional and physical trauma they have to live with, struggle with. So let’s make the women and their lives matter more!!



LGBTQ Assault is Still Assault

I’ve recently been reading a lot in the media about things pertaining to the LGBTQ community, everything from legislature, to aspiring stories of coming out, and the abhorrent incidences of bullying. And, admittedly, some of this spark of activism and injustices are fueled by binge watching SVU. So, I thought, due to some of the lack of attention some people get, and the outrage people face every day due to their gender identification and sexuality, I’d open the can of worms on LGBTQ assault.

So, now that I’ve made you a little uncomfortable, let me assure you that I am not writing for someone in particular or addressing a public accusation, I’m simply putting this issue on the table for discussion.


I read some trolls in some comments a few weeks ago, concerning an assault on the 13 year old transgender girl in Vancouver ( there is another post of mine on this blog concerning that post), and I was deeply disturbed. Everything from “that freak deserved what he/she got” and “well let this be a lesson to [her?] and the family”, made me livid and heartbroken. Comments like this from the updated FB post:

” D—- B——- Rosie o Donald looking a– d— wants to talk sh– but first let me guess you are a Hilary supporting feminist fat b—-. Long story short this little BOY deserves to be bullied for thinking HES a girl that’s f—— gay and sick in the head to even think like that at such a young age ” . 

This makes me sick. I am so sad for this young woman and her family. All they want is justice for the fact that she was targeted by this young man because she was transgender. This was a hate crime, a malicious act against someone else of a different identity. And this is a perfect example on how these attacks need to be taken more seriously.

Basically, my argument for my soap box is this: It does not matter what your sexuality is, what your gender identification is, or what you wear to express yourself; you do not deserve to be publicly humiliated and attacked. Luckily, based on the update released by the young girl’s aunt, the young man in question was under emergency expelled and the police statement was released to the DA in Vancouver. Attacks like this need to be made public all the time until it becomes a normal practice of the law to remand these perpetrators and be held responsible for their actions.

I would like to hear your input on this matter. But a warning to trolls: Before you reveal your intentions and bombard me with nasty comments, bring it. I can guarantee you that you will tire of this argument before I do.

Thanks, activists. Let’s change history.



It’s a Gay Meet & Greet!

Oh, yes! You heard right! There’s gonna be a bunch of us LGBTQ folk getting together at a coffee house to talk some smack about Trump, gay stuff, and how to improve our community!

April 25th is the big event, hosted by myself ( I’m Sapph by the way, in case that wasn’t entirely clear) and my co-chair Cam from the Scottsbluff/ Gering LGBTQ Support Page on Facebook! It’s at 4pm, in case you need to know that.

Please join us if you is interested in having some coffee with very interesting people like myself, talking about the issues that bother you, and how we can make it better! Check out the event on our FB page at and leave a comment if you would like to come! See ya there!

The Funny Thing(s) About Being Bisexual

I’m sure a lot of my close friends who are following this blog know ( and you better be following me; I’ve Snapchat-ed you the link enough times!), I am a bisexual woman, who happens to be married to a man. And I say it like that because it really does not matter to me that he is male. I would have fallen in love with him, had sex with him, and married him if he was a man OR woman, simply because I fell for his charm, intelligence, humor, kindness and personality. I hope he is reading this too!

So anyhow, I get a lot of questions from people who find out that I’m bi, and even more when they find that I’m married. It’s almost like they feel it no longer counts or is valid when I get a ring, in my opinion. Well, I figured I would “mythbuster” some things that I’ve come across, either from actual questions I have received, forum comments, and general misconceptions and state some truths when it comes to being bisexual.

So here we go!

  • We are bisexual because are born this way. It is not a drunken choice ( although I’ve made out with some lovely ladies who decided guzzling alcohol was the best way to lay one on me) nor does it go away after we settle down. We do not just decide one day “hey! I’m gonna be a bisexual!” and that’s it. It’s in our makeup, our genes, our squiggly DNA. Baby, we’re born this way!
  • Bisexual does not mean threesome! I have met bisexual people who are into them, and some simply are not. It doesn’t mean we’ll do the dirty as a trio, nor does it mean consent. Again, bisexual does not mean consent!
  • We really have the best of both worlds. I say it like this, because I feel very lucky and open-minded due to my sexuality. I can appreciate the physical beauty of both men and women, and their sex appeal. It’s really a matter of deciding which person you like/ love and going from there.
  • We do not stop feeling the way we feel when we enter a relationship. I married a man, but am still attracted to women. End of story.
  • We are not taken seriously. I mean, the LGBTQ community has been marginalized and suppressed enough as it is, so it’s rather sad that bisexuals looking to be accepted and active in this community are ostracized just as much from fellow LGBTQ-ers as well as heterosexuals. We are told we are confused, that we are slutty, and that we just haven’t come out of the closet is just bullshit. Being attracted to both genders doesn’t mean we sleep with every person that makes us hot, we are out of the closet ( well, some of us are ) and we are not confused. Don’t be jealy just because we could date either or.

So yeah… just wanted to get some of them there things out in the open about bisexuality and stuff. Hope this was insightful and helpful, so they next time you really wanna ask that bi dude who married his girlfriend, just realize he still likes guys too…just likes that girl a hell of a lot more.

See you later, Rainbow Children! XOXO GOSSIP GIRL ( I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. Really, Sapph? lol)


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